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Quality Control

A group of industry veterans and vibrant business minds offering support that reaches new levels – our people and our state-of-the-art methods make the difference.

Quality Control in Action

At WBE we pay focused and precise attention. We understand the system and the requirements.

  • Submittal review and preparation
  • Inspections and testing
  • Assurance of code compliance
  • Meeting minutes
  • Verifications and documentation
  • Training
  • QC Manual preparation

We employ a system for monitoring work and material conformance in the design and building phases.

Quality is an essential & distinguishing attribute!

Contractor Quality Control & Quality Management Personnel

We are skilled, trained, and credentialed. Providing you with qualified resources for the advancement of your team goals.

When we started this business, we knew that simply placing a body onsite is not the kind of support that is needed. That’s why we deliver nothing less than professional personnel armed with a proven approach to quality management.

From the very beginning you will have the advantage of working with a small business that is self-sufficient, with its own offices and equipment. Our turn-key service has the 3rd party objectivity that owners love and the ability to integrate with the GC running the work because we’ve been there before.

We are an independent 3rd party who offers

  • Turn-key services
  • Project setup
  • Full team organizational structures
  • QC offices and equipment
  • Professional engineers
  • Executive support