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Scheduling & Delay

It begins with a clear view of the entire process and continues with increasing levels of detail, efficient and timely communication, and prompt on-course corrections.

  • Master Schedule ✓
  • Design Schedule ✓
  • Short-Interval & Charrette Schedule ✓
  • Bid Schedule ✓
  • Construction Schedule ✓
  • Commissioning & Startup Schedule ✓
  • Occupancy Schedule ✓

The Quantitative Effect of Project Change

There is a significant correlation between the proportional amount of change on a project and overall productivity.

WBE Contractor will:

  • Analyze declining ability in order to recover at stages later in the project
  • Understand the underlying rationale of Concurrent Delay
  • Define as excusable or non-excusable / compensable or non-compensable

We will evaluate, better understand, make better decisions and document, document, document.


WBE Contractor offers you

  • A clear view
  • Increasing levels of detail
  • Efficient and timely communication
  • Prompt on-course corrections
  • Capturing issues with logic relation
  • Forecast control

resources + logic + constraints + baseline + projections + earned value milestones + relationships + dependencies