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Construction Management

We offer unique solutions for the construction industry – providing a real advantage.

WBE Contractors – A Valuable Resource

Imagine finding a resource that can fill a significant need within your construction firm while giving you a competitive edge at the same time.

Whether your needs require outsourced work or simply a supplement to your in-house staff, WBE Contractor is that valued resource here for you.

  • Tap into a diverse, skilled team with an excellent track record
  • Leverage opportunity
  • Offset operating expense

We understand that it is difficult enough to strengthen your position against the competition, let alone stand out among the crowd in diversity outreach goals,

WBE Contractor can open the door to potential you may be overlooking.

With our team’s unmatched breadth of proficiency, your decision to lean on WBE Contractor can prove to be the real advantage.

Looking up at people in yellow construction hats climbing safety stairs towards a blue sky.

Achieve Your Goals

WBE provides services that offer potential for all contractors, no matter your size, to reach goals you thought were unattainable.

We can take you through pathways generally reserved for small businesses and disadvantaged groups, including women and other minority sectors, and help you move toward avenues of profit on a broader scale.

Practical assignment of duties and convenient tier levels of contracting can tap into an area with a set group of competitors, allowing a new path towards return on investment for your business.

With us you can:

  • Supplement profit center skill
  • Ease procurement effort
  • Minimize overhead
  • Align with GC favored tiers

WBE Contractor is keen on forming the right relationships with major GCs, fostering the collaboration necessary to provide essential tools for their success as well as for that of the subs we service.

Creating avenues of success while at the same time realizing the objectives of diversity outreach relating to Women Owned, HUBZone and Small Business Enterprises.

The Services and Support We Offer

We are here for YOU. Have questions or needs that you don’t see here? Just reach out.